A Venn Diagram of trump Supporters

As reference to my recent breakdown of trump voters. I’ve come up with four hypothetical people that represent a solid range trump supporters – the three main economic classes and the Nazi.

As a quick reminder, the three buckets of trump supporters.

A quick sketch of our hypotheticals.

Working Class Wanda

From the mid-west, Wanda works (or worked) in a blue collar job of some sort. She’s a miner, factory worker, hourly employee, etc. She has noticed her wages becoming stagnant or falling and has seen an increase in what she views as “line-cutters,” those folks that are getting government assistance that she doesn’t believe they deserve. She lives at or maybe slightly above the poverty line and spends a lot of time worrying about finances. She bases a lot of her political opinion of feeling rather than fact (“I feel like there are a lot of people taking advantage of the system.”)

Middle Class Mike

Mike has a decent job at a company or is a small business owner that’s done pretty well for himself. He is worried about rising cost of insurance, having to pay employees more, or paying more in taxes if he does better than he currently is. He feels attacked and enjoys that trump is able to say certain things without reproach. He looks forward to better economic benefits under trump and a lessening of the PC culture that has so plagued him.

Well Off Wade

Read the post. I think I’ve pretty much summed up this jackhole.

Nazi Nick

This dude is a literal Nazi. Or possible a figure from the ever nebulous Alt-Right (a horrible troll out for the lulz, a “dapper” nationalist, etc). He hates minorities, women, LGBT … really anyone that poses any sort of threat to his status as a white man. And, let’s be clear, 99% of these folks are men.


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