Outrage In Perspective

I’ve heard a lot of the following, in some variation or another – “Can you imagine how outraged Democrats would be if Republicans had protested Obama’s election? They need to stop whining, get over themselves, and deal with it.” Let’s do a bit of a thought experiment. Imagine with me, if you dare.

Let’s say, that on the eve of Obama’s first inauguration, the following were true of Obama:

  • He has five children with three different women.
  • He met and was involved in a relationship with his current wife whilst married to his previous wife. Twice.
  • He admitted on tape to groping women against their will.
  • Has, for all accounts, received the backing and blessing of the Kremlin.
  • He had continuously questioned the legitimacy and citizenship of the sitting president.
  • He attacked celebrities, politicians, and private citizens on Twitter, calling them “losers,” “stupid,” “wacky,” “lightweight,” etc ad nauseam. These attacks include a Gold Star family, Meryl Streep, a union rep, most politicians, SNL, CNN, NY Times, etc. etc. etc.
  • He made fun of a disabled reporter by imitating his movements.
  • Settled a lawsuit against his for profit university.
  • Gone bankrupt, what is it, four times now? Oh wait, just checked. It’s six times. 

Umm. I mean, what else.

Associates with known racists and has the backing of hate groups. Refuses to divest his interests despite massive conflicts. Lies in the face of obvious truth. Condones violence at his political rallies. Verbally attacks military veterans. So on and so forth and so on and so forth.

The point is that we’re not protesting because we lost the election. We’re protesting because we’ve lost our country.



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