On the Nature of Glasses Half Full – Inauguration Poem 2

On the Nature of Glasses Half Full – Inauguration Poem 2

A look at one of the leaked poems that is to be read at trump’s inauguration this coming Friday.

This is one of the more complex poems I’ve read in … I don’t even know how long. On the one hand, it’s a poem that immediately conveys a sense of overt optimism. It’s right there in the title, after all. The playful rhyme scheme and short, punchy lines further lend credence to the overwhelming sense of hope.

On a deeper reading, however, an undercurrent of anger comes through. An anger that is largely directed at the previous administration and it’s policies, including the financial crisis, the sense of a lost masculinity, and the fragile nature of our day to day lives (and how quickly that life can be taken away, or “easy to crack”). In that dichotomy, that struggle between hope and despair, we find an ideal poem for a nation so fractured by a contentious election. It’s a sense that’s best summed up in the final lines – the poet, after having been torn between such extreme emotions, looks to the incoming administration as one that will provide a sense of relief.

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