I Sing trump’s America – Inauguration Poem 1

I Sing trump’s America – Inauguration Poem 1

A look at one of the leaked poems that is possibly to be read at trump’s inauguration this coming Friday.

An obvious inspiration

An obvious inspiration

As with all the best poems, “I Sing trump’s America” looks to the past whilst keeping an eye on the future. It’s a poem that’s perfect for an inauguration as it is clear that the poet has absorbed the best of American poetry and turned that influence into something new and strikingly beautiful. The title, a direct reference to Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing,” invokes that same sense of inclusion – a theme that is carried throughout the poem. And much like the poetry of Carl Sandburg, the poet isn’t afraid to shy away from the grit that is as much a part of the American tapestry as Whitman’s shoemaker or boatman. But through that grit and grime, a hope emerges – one of friendship, of battered optimism. And, ultimately, of love.

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