Taking a Step Back

Since the end of last October, I’ve managed to get a post out a day. Some have been great to good, and others not quite as quality. But, I’ve gotten them out there. One of the things I learned in doing so is that getting a post out a day is a lot of work. For that very reason I’ve decided to cut back to three posts a week. Hopefully, that will mean more quality over the long run. So, look for that to begin next week at some point. In the meantime, why not check out some of my more popular posts:

A look at In Other Worlds, Margaret Atwood’s excellent book on the history and future of Science Fiction

The Importance of Made Up Maps

A discussion of TS Eliot’s “Little Giddings”

The Rending Pain of Re-enactment: TS Eliot’s Little Giddings

The National Poetry Month entry from Maxine Kumin

Maxine Kumin: After Love

The great WH Auden on his travels through Iceland

And each port has a name for the sea: WH Auden and Iceland

And finally, some photos from Dad’s Garage’s BaconFest


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