Red Hare’s Cotton Tail Pale Ale

Red Hare Brewing makes a pretty reliable beer. Be it the Sticky Stout or the Gangway IPA, they produce some really delicious and drinkable brews. That fine tradition continues.

Red Hare’s Cotton Tail Pale Ale

Cotton Tail Pale Ale


Right off the bat Cotton Tail has a crisp and malty nose to it. I’m usually not a huge fan of ales, but this one comes off as tasty and refreshing even before the first sip.

It’s in that sip that the maltyness comes to a head, but not in an overwhelming way. It’s a subtle bit with just a hint of orange hiding out in there. It’s a crisp and refreshing ale, perfect for the scourcing summer temps that loom ever closer.

10/10 For prominently displayed bunny tail on the can

8.5/10 For proactively helping me cool down for the summer

8/10 Overall. Cool and refreshing. A nice summer beer.


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