Infill Paused: A Tree Appeal

There hasn’t been a lot of movement on the infill front aside from removing and smoothing the mound of dirt that was there for a time. One of the changes I have noticed, however, has been in the signage out front. Specifically the signs detailing the fate of a handful of trees on the property.

Looking back through the photos of the house I found some details of the progression. See, in order to take down any trees on a property, you have to first get permission from the City of Atlanta. It starts with a Notice of Plan Submittal that basically just says that there is a potential for tree removal.

Notice of Plan Submittal orange sign

The next step is the¬†Preliminary Approval stage, indicated with a bright yellow sign. It’s at this point that two things happen: 1) the trees that are to be removed are marked with an orange X and 2) there is a window of time for an appeal to be made.

It seems as if someone somewhere has decided that something went wrong in the approval process. I’ve reached out to the Atlanta Trees Commission to get what information I can about the appeal, but haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon!

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