Hitachino’s Lacto Sweet Stout

It’s Beer Thirty somewhere (here, actually. It’s that time here.)!

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all. I’ve got a scary good beer to celebrate with.

Kiuchi Brewery is a micro-brewery based out of Japan that works on combining European brewing techniques with traditional Japanese beer making. The results are, without a doubt, fantastic. While Kiuchi makes all sorts of things (including sake), the Hitachino beers that I’ve had have all been top-notch.

Hitachino’s Lacto Sweet Stout

Hitachino Sweet Stout


The cool thing about trying micro-beers from around the world is trying to identify exactly what’s going on on them. Hitachino’s Sweet Stout, for example, has hints of hops on the nose along with…is it malt? It’s something sweetish and almost a bit fruity, but nothing that I’ve really come into contact with before. Either way, it’s a rich and delicious smelling beer.

Thankfully, that carries over into the first sip. Smooth and milky, there are undercurrents of hop and malt that bring a nice bite and a bit of sweetness to the beer. This is a good one.

10/10 For milk stouts with owls on the front

9.5/10 For milk stouts in general

9/10 Overall

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