Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout

Happy Beer O’ Clock!

New York’s Brooklyn Brewery typically produce a lot of the beers that are good in a pinch, but that I rarely seek out. Their chocolate stout is no exception.

Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Chocolate Stout


To give them their due, Brooklyn isn’t going to mislead anyone with their beers. Right off the bat there are strong hints of chocolate and malt on the nose. It’s one of those beers you can almost taste just by smelling it.

The first taste confirms that. Black Chocolate Stout is a really sweet beer and almost overpowering in it’s chocolateness. At 10%, the combination of the sweet and high alcohol content make this a very mealy and tart beer.

10/10 for living up to the hype of having chocolate

4/10 as a stout

5.5/10 Overall

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