Dissection of an Infill or The Assumed Monstrosity that Looms

An infill, according to Wikipedia at least, is “the rededication of land in an urban environment.” Sometimes, it seems, it’s also called “land recycling,” which sounds very pleasant indeed.

So far I’ve watched 1162 Amsterdam Ave go from the house that was to the the hole that will be. I realized, however, that I never got a shot of the house prior to the beginning of destruction (which, in thinking of it, is an odd phrase. More on that later, perhaps). But, thanks to the magic of Google Maps, I was able to grab several images of the house as it was. (Side note: did you know that you can view images throughout the years? It’s not only neat to see the house at different points in time, but also to see how the quality of Google’s cameras has improved).

I thought that it would also be interesting to learn more about the house and property. Through some Google searching, I have been able to find out a bit of info, though I’m certainly curious to learn more.

  • The house as pictured above was built in 1929 (the same year Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta and the Fox Theatre opened).
  • At the time it was sold, it was a three bedroom, one bath and was priced at $519,000.
  • It was a 1,300 square foot house on a 10,000 square foot lot.
  • Apparently the application square footage is a hefty 3709.

At this point, I’m very curious as to what is on the way. The size of the proposed house is almost three times the original house, so it’s bound to be a big one. Stay tuned!

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