The Poetry of Twitter

I’m currently in the midst of reading Mark Forsyth’s endlessly entertaining The Elements of Eloquence, a look at roughly 39 rhetorical devices used in English. Not only is is a fun read, but each relatively short chapter manages to pack a whole boatload of interesting information. Thus far I’ve learned, among other things, the the line “Bond. James Bond,” is a diacope and that two meanings of the word present are completely due to where the stress is placed? You preSENT a PREsent, for example.

It was in the chapter on stress that I was alerted to the presence of a Twitter bot called Pentametron. According to it’s bio, Pentametron describes itself as such: “With algorithms subtle and discrete / I seek iambic writings to retweet.” In other words, it searches all of Twitter and finds two otherwise disparate Tweets that not only rhyme but are written in iambic pentameter. Pentametron’s feed reads like some sort of dadaist experiement in surralist rhyming couplets. It’s worth a look. I’ve included a handful below, for your poetry pleasure.


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