Highland Brewery’s Black Mocha Stout

As we get towards the end of the year, I thought it fitting that I finish up 2014 with two of my favorite things: beer and photography. Today I’ll look at the beer, and tomorrow I’ll have some more mixing and matching of older photos.

Highland Brewery’s Black Mocha Stout

Highland Black Mocha Stout

Highland Brewery is a great outfit out of Asheville, NC. They make some consistently great beers (try their very solid Gaelic Ale sometime) and the Mocha Stout fits right in with the rest of their lineup.

Right from the start there are very definite notes of malt with hints of chocolate. It has a bit of a bitter nose, but nothing that’s too overpowering.

From there the malty bitter yummyness carries right on through. Along with the chocolate, there are also hints of coffee hidden in there. It leans more to the ale side as it’s not nearly as creamy as some of the other stouts out there.

10/10 for having it’s very own tartan (I’m assuming about this).

9.5/10 for the aleness of the stout

8/10 Overall. Good, solid beer.


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