21st Amendment’s Fireside Chat

I have a handful of go-to beers that I will drink pretty much anytime (Terrapin’s Rec Ale or Hopecutioner, New Belgium’s Shift, or Lagunitas IPA to name a few), but I do enjoy a good seasonal. Typically, my favorite season for seasonals largely dependent on what time of year it is. As such, I’m in love with winter seasonal beers at the moment. From oatmeal coffee stouts, to mocha porters, back to regular oatmeal stouts, I love the dark brews that the winter brings about. It’s in that vein that I was happy to review a seasonal from one of my favorite breweries, 21st Amendment out of San Francisco.

21st Amendment’s Fireside Chat Winter Spiced Ale

Named for the famous radio addresses of FDR, the Fireside Chat does it’s name proud by sending up notes of various spices right from the start. I got a hint of nutmeg and a bit of hops, but I’m sure the spice make-up is a bit more complex.

Speaking of complex, the first impression is full of flavor. It’s spicy with some hints of pepper mixed in there and a bit hoppy. There is a bite at the end that can be a hair overpowering as the beer goes on. As an ale, it lacks the smoothness of a stout or porter, so is a good alternative in that sense. It’s a good cold weather beer, for sure.

10/10 for allusions to past presidents AND repealed Prohibition laws.

8.5/10 for the use of unnamed spices.

8/10 Overall. A good winter beer for those looking for a dark and complex ale.

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