The Modern to the Motet: The High Museum

In a somewhat fractured manner, I’m going to approach Modernist Monday through only the most tangential of ways. On display at the High Museum is a collection of European Modernist paintings, headed up by Paul Cézanne. Cézanne, a French landscape painter, is widely considering one of the founding members of the European Modernist movement in painting. Another exhibition is The Forty Part Motet by Janet Cardiff, a fascinating sound piece that is made up of fifty-nine individually recorded voices singing a Tudor era choral piece. The set-up includes an oval of forty speakers in groups of five. The experience of sitting in the midst of the oval is somewhat ineffable, but I can say it was incredibly moving.

One of the cool things about this most recent trip is that I was able to take photos of both the exhibitions. I didn’t want to just document the art, though. In my mind, simply taking a picture of a work doesn’t add anything new to the world. It’s a simple reproduction, not creation. I wanted to try and capture, in part, the context of the work. Sometimes that meant getting an extreme detail, or a picture of people interacting with the work. Below are some of the shots I came away with.

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