Terrapin’s Wake n’ Bake

It’s time to get real y’all.

As part of the human race, I tend to fall in with the vast majority of people and tend to appreciate things more when I know that they are not long on this earth. That’s part of the reason I love seasonal beers; the whole “get ’em while they last” is almost too much for me. That’s true with Red Hare’s Sticky Stout and with Terrapin’s Liquid Bliss. I enjoy these beers, for sure, but I think part of the reason is because I know that come spring time I won’t be able to find them anymore. Like all things ephemeral, I want to enjoy as much as I can while I can. It’s with that in mind that we take a look at another fine seasonal beer from Terrapin.

Terrapin’s Wake n’ Bake Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Wake n' Bake

While it is true that Wake n’ Bake is a seasonal, it differs in one important way; I would drink this beer all year round and actively miss it when it’s not in stores. The fact that I know I won’t be able to get it for long only exacerbates my love for it.

It starts with a strong scent of oatmeal and a subtle hint of coffee and malt. The oatmeal comes from, naturally enough, the oats that the beer are brewed with. They typically cause a bit of a bitter taste, especially when the brewer gets a bit of a heavy hand when pouring them in the beer.

On the first taste of Wake n’ Bake, however, it becomes very clear that the proportions are just right. It is a very balanced beer, with the flavors of oatmeal and coffee coming right to the front. It does have a slight bitter taste to it, but that only adds to the flavor and complexity.

10/10 For making a weed joke that also doubles as a typical breakfast food joke.

10/10 For seasonal stouts

9/10 For an anytime beer (I have to dock a point for the mere fact that this dark and rich beer would be a tough drink in the midst of a Georgia summer. I’d drink it, but it’d take me a bit)

9.5/10 Overall

Terrapin Wake n’ Bake gets the Beer I End Up Dreaming About The Most Award. Congrats!


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