Terrapin’s Liquid Bliss

Being a Georgia native I do my best to support all the local breweries that I can*. Having already covered a seasonal from the excellent Red Hare, I want to turn my attention to Athens and the always awesome Terrapin Brewery. From the start I’ve enjoyed just about everything that Terrapin offers. In fact, I would rank their Hopsecutioner IPA as one of my top five beers forever and ever. At the moment they are released some of the best seasonal beers out there (like the omginducing Wake n Bake (more on that later)). Today we’re going to look at a beer that combines the best of a porter with the amazingness of a Reese’s Cup.

Terrapin’s Liquid Bliss

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

Liquid Bliss


Liquid Bliss is a lot of what makes a great beer; it’s tasty, smooth, and has enough character to keep me coming back. It’s also a beer that doesn’t waste it’s time with false advertising. Right from the start there is a very definite sense of both peanut butter and chocolate on the nose. The thing I love about this beer is that the smell seems as authentic as you can get. I have never gotten the sense that it was artificial flavoring. This is also one of the most balanced beers I’ve tasted as that first sip matches up almost exactly with the smell. It is a subtle but definite taste of chocolate and peanut butter with a hint of malty crispness lingering in the aftertaste. It’s a smooth and complex beer, but not one that overpowers you.

10/10 For bringing me a beer that so closely resembles one of the best candies on the market

9/10 Overall

Final Verdict: An excellent go to on a cold winter’s night.

*If you’re like me and want to help out Georgia’s craft brewers, head over to the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild and check out their great work. If you want to help support the Guild in helping change Georgia’s laws to better support your local beers, donate a bit over at their IndieGoGo page and get some awesome gear in return!

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