Rogue’s Mocha Porter

Yesterday I started and then very quickly ended a discussion about the differences between stouts and porters. It turns out that there is hardly a difference in respect to taste or process, but a whole boatload of difference in terms of semantics. I think I’m going to stay out of it.

Instead, I’ll enjoy all the excellent beers I can, regardless of if they are stouts of porters. I discussed one of those beers yesterday, the stellar Sticky Stout by Red Hare. Today, I’m going to move to a stout by the very fantastic Rogue Brewery.

Rouge’s Mocha Porter

Rogue Porter

Rogue is well known for their excellent Dead Guy Ale, though they also have a pretty amazing pumpkin beer as well. Based out of Oregon, Rouge takes a certain amount of pride in that they have their own farm from which all the hops and barley (and pumpkins, natch) come from. Also, and I had no idea about this until I visited their site, they also have a line of spirits. Who knew? Anyhow, back to the beer.

I’m a sucker for a coffee stout, so I was primed and ready to love this one forever and forever, and it is a pretty good beer. Right from the start I got strong hints of coffee and carmel on the nose. It was a deep coffee too, like the beans had been roasted for a bit too long (but in a good way). The taste itself is smooth with definate notes of coffee, though not as much as I would have liked in a coffee stout. All told, it’s a good beer, but I would have been fine with it punching me in the tongue a bit more.

Ult Pen Rating:

  • 10/10 For the idea of it and the packaging and the fact that Rogue has a farm.
  • 8/10 Overall
  • Final Verdict: Good beer but needs more punch to let me know it’s there.

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