Red Hare’s Sticky Stout

I am an admitted seasonal beer drinker. When it is hot as blazes in the summer, I’m going to search out the refreshing bite of a super hoppy IPA or a smooth wheat (21st Amendments’ Watermelon Wheat is the jam). Autumn calls for a spicy pumpkin beer. And, once the leaves have fallen and autumn’s bite has turned to winter’s chill, that’s when the dark beers come out to play. It’s about this time that I simply can’t get enough stouts and porters.

Originally I’d set out to do a couple of posts that looked at the differences between stouts and porters. But then I read Martyn Cornell’s post over at Beer Connoisseur about how they are, in essence, the same beer. So now I’m going to do a couple of posts about some pretty good beers that happen to be labeled stout and porter.

Red Hair’s Sticky Stout

Red Hair Stout

Red Hare is a craft brewery out of our own Marietta, GA.  They started with a solid three beers: Long Day Lager, Watership Brown, and Gangway IPA. I’ve tried and enjoyed all three (especially the IPA) so I was pretty excited when I saw that they had introduced a stout.

Sticky Stout is billed as an oatmeal stout, though that isn’t overly prominent on the nose. Before my first taste I got some definite hints of coffee and perhaps a tiny dash of fruit. The first taste yields a decent amount of taste, thought nothing too overpowering. It is here that the oatmeal really comes through as well as a hint of coffee and malt. Overall it is pretty smooth and silky drink with a nice combination of flavors. I’d say that Red Hare has done it again.

Ult Pen Rating:

  • 10/10 For the fact they have a beer called Watership Brown
  • 9/10 Overall
  • Final Verdict: This is a damn good session porter

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