HDR Photography



HDR, or High Dynamic Range Imaging, is a technique that allows a photographer to get the most available luminosity, or brightness, available in a photo. On today’s high-tech digital cameras, this is achieved by taking three exposures; one underexposed, one exposed at a mid-range, and one overexposed. Think of it like this: in every scene you’re going to photography, there are three levels of brightness. There is the foreground, the mid-level, and the distance. On my Canon this is done by setting up exposure bracketing in the menu. The next three shots I take, then, are going to fit those exposure settings I’ve indicated. It is later in post that the three images are combined to being them all together. I use Lightroom with the LR/Enfuse plugin.

The Final Product

The Final Product

What this process does is allow for a photography that contains a lot more depth than normal. Over the years I’ve used the HDR process in a variety of ways, from landscapes, to real estate shots, to portraits. It’s great way to fill out a photo and to create some striking effects.

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