The Atlanta Beltline

Watching the Atlanta Beltline grow and develop has been to watch the city of Atlanta grow and develop. As one progresses, so the other benefits.

To recapitulate: the Atlanta Beltline is a rails to trails project (developing existing (yet unused) rail lines into pedestrian pathways) that circles the city in a 22(ish) mile loop. Thus far, only a couple of miles have been paved, but that section is a resound success. Some major features of the paved portion:

  • Access to Piedmont Park (and the surrounding shops)
  • The Old Fourth Ward Skate Park
  • Amazing views of downtown Atlanta
  • Opening up Inman Park to foot and bike traffic

In essence, the importance and impact of the Beltline to the overall strength of the city can’t be understated. Having visited major cities around the world, my first thought when running or walking along the Beltline is “Now, this feels like a city.

Another great addition to the Beltline is the rotating and permanent collection of art. Here is a fact: whoever thought of Art on the Beltline is a freaking awesome and mad scientist. I would highly suggest you head down to the Beltline yourself to check out some of the pieces, but in the meantime, here are some photos of the works. Also, head over to my Flickr to find some more photos of Atlanta (and beyond!) if you so wish.

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