Northern Califorina: The Sonoma Photos

The city of Sonoma, California is relatively small, only about 10,000 people live there. And, in the world of wine, is significantly smaller than it’s nearby neighbor of Napa. Yet, for all that, Sonoma offers a fantastic opportunity to see the wine country of Northern California without all of the glitz and glamour of Napa.

At the beginning of March Sonoma sits in a state of anticipation. The rains are just beginning to fall, sneaking into the ground to the delight of the eager vines that have just been put into place on their rows of wooden supports. There is a quiet to Sonoma in March. A quiet and a sense of rest for those that know what is to come. The grapes exploding on vine, the throng of people with noses in glasses and wine on lips, the harvest. But March brings the first stirrings of spring, the empty rows of vineyards, the welcome trough of a seasonal wave. More photos from the California trip can be found here.

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