Day Six – Stinson Beach to San Fran

Last night we stayed in Stinson Beach at a neat little place called the Sandpiper Inn.

I woke this morning early and had a run along the beach. When I’ve camped on Cumberland Island I’ve been able to feel like the beach was mine. I felt that way this morning as I ran along Stinson’s beach. Save for a person and dog or two, it was just me, the departing tide, and the misty and foggy sun rising over the tangled green hills.

After my run we headed north to Port Reyes, the only national seashore on the west coast. There we saw a stretch of land that reminded Francis Drake of the cliffs of Dover and some elephant seals.

Along the way we met some very nice dairy cows.
After the seals and cows we headed to the lighthouse that sat at a formidable 300 steps down. While the steps down to the lighthouse wasn’t so daunting, the return trip up was. So, we left the steps well enough alone.
As we said goodbye to the wild and open California, we headed back to the city. Lest we spend a moment to rest, we headed with our friend Matt to the California Academy of Sciences to check out their robot and DJ night. It being a museum/zooish place, they had (among other things) starfish!
And they had robots.
And they had Lusine! Who I met!

All told it was a great shift from the wilds of Port Reyes to the electronic beats of the city.

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