Day 5 – Yosemite to Stinson Beach

We woke to rain, as expected, but no snow at our altitude. Seeing as the rain was forecasted for the rest of the day, we decided to head back west to the coast.

Before doing so, we stopped at an overlook to take in the foggy views. Aside from some stray snow flakes and soggy crows, there wasn’t much to see.

But, as we had been warned on multiple occasions, we didn’t feed them.

From there we began our trip out of the rain and towards the coast. Most of the day was taken up with driving, but it was interesting to see the breadth of the state once more; to have left the mountains and rolling foothills into the flat and expansive farmlands and back to the jagged coastline.

Once we hit the coast we made a stop at Muir Woods, a national park devoted to the preservation of the redwood trees. The park was cool and quiet and felt like an amazing refuge from the roads and traffic that’d we’d spent so much time in getting there.

After the woods we hit the beach, timing it just right for sunset.


Back on Hwy 1 we stopped at an overlook for some more stunning shots before heading to Stinson Beach.

Tomorrow we will find some more beaches and more hikes before heading to San Fran.

All photos by Katie Riley

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