Day 3 & 4 – Sonoma to Yosemite

We were largely out of cell phone and wireless range yesterday and last night, so this post is covering two days.

We started out early from Sonoma and heading towards Yosemite. The drive was largely uneventful, but there were a couple of highlights.

As we left the vineyards of wine country it was interesting to see the change in landscape. We went from the rolling hills of Napa and Sonoma to the VERY flat of central California back into the hills. We also got lunch at a Cali institution.

As we got within about 100 miles of Yosemite we began noticing some amazing colourful trees that we eventually determined were apricot trees. There were miles and miles of these things and to see the landscape covered in the white and pink trees was very impressive.

From there it was into Yosemite National Park.

There are hardly words to describe the experience of first driving into the valley and seeing these massive stone formations towering above. It was the sort of beauty that wiped my mind clean. I would be mid sentence only to glance up and be wordless and thoughtless. It is humbling to think and see the impact of time and pressure.

That night we camped at an area called Upper Pines. Seeing as there is still snow in the ground, it a was a bit of a cold night.

But, waking up to the call of hungry crows, bright blue skies, and stunningly fresh air certainly made everything ok.

And speaking of hungry; breakfast from a bag!

Today we hit various hikes around the park including some of the falls. The hikes included a lot of elevation, but with some great pay offs.
And we had a pretty sweet view for lunch.

Tomorrow we might head back west as we’re expecting some rain and possible snow.

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