The Ult Pen Long Form Photo Challenge

Welcome to the Ult Pen Long Form Photo Challenge! The idea behind the long form is that you will have the entire 8 day duration of the challenge to work on your photos, as opposed to submitting one photo per day. Also, you will be free to choose your subjects and themes this time around, though you will need to fit them into one of the two following categories:

A Photo Essay – A photo essay is a collection or series of photos that revolve around a central theme or that tell a story. If you decide on this choice you will have free reign to choose the theme or story you wish to portray.

Portrait Series – The portrait series is a collection of portraits that carry a common theme. The theme can range from the choice of subject to an overall and common aesthetic. The main, overarching rule when it comes to portrait is that it is an intended and thought out photograph of a subject (as opposed to a candid shot, for example). You are free to choose the venue, subjects, and props that will make up the series.

The guidelines:

  • The contest starts on on the morning of Sunday, the 17th and ends at 23:59 (11:59pm) ET on Sunday the 24th.
  • Your series should be between 8 and 16 photos.
  • All photos should be taken during the challenge.
  • On the fourth day (Wednesday the 20th), you can submit one teaser shot. You don’t have to include any sort of description and the photo doesn’t have to be included in your final project.
  • When you submit your final project, you don’t have to have any sort of text to go along with it. Your photo series can speak for itself if you wish. You may include a brief description if you want, however.
  • When you submit, it might be easiest to send your photos as individual files numbered in the order you wish to present them. If you know of an easier way, let me know!
  • Send all submissions to

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