Days 4 & 5 – Göreme and Istanbul

Yesterday was a pretty long day all told. But full of some good stuff. As I mentioned in another post, I got up early to catch the balloons and get some gritty city shots. After I returned we decided to rent a couple of bikes and take them for a spin through the Rose Valley. It was a good ride, maybe 3 or 4 miles, through a very quiet valley.


About half way into our ride we realized that one of the bikes wasn’t working as well as the other. I figured out it was because the front brake was rubbing the front rim. When we returned the bikes I told the rental guy, but he seemed less than impressed with my offer to have some money returned. Needless to say, I ended the conversation by telling him that he was a poor business owner and a horrible bike mechanic. We won’t be connecting on Facebook.

Back at the hotel we had a partial hamam (a trip to the sauna and a cool down) before heading to catch our late night flight.

Today we woke up a bit late as our flight got in pretty later than expected. It wasn’t a huge sight seeing day, but we managed to get some good stuff in. We went to the top of Galata Tower,
(Photo Credit: Katie Riley) walked through the fish market
(Photo Credit: Katie Riley) and took the ferry across the Bosphorus.


After the ferry ride we had a fish sandwich at the market, which was pretty darn good. Then to around the Spice Market to get all up in the crunch of folks getting amped for NYE. It was today I also learned that a common symbol of New Year’s in Turkey is Santa and Santa Hats. Who knew? On the way back to the hotel we stopped in at the New Mosque (built 1697, natch) and window shopped some Turkish treats.
image (Photo Credit: Katie Riley)

We are now laying a bit low before venturing out into the NYE fray. Happy New Year!!!
(Photo Credit: Katie Riley)

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