Turkish food is yum and not yum

Tonight we had dinner a local restaurant, Dibek (which is Turkish for a type of container used for cooking) and then headed to Fat Boys (the vaguely racist bar that has a picture of Fat Albert on its sign).

Let me say of Dibek; BAKLAVA!!!! And baklava that was hot and covered ground pistachio. God Bless America (and also and especially Turkey), that was some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten.

(Photo Credit: Katie Riley)
After that transcendent experience we headed over to Fat Boys, a little slice of Australia right here in Turkey. We’d heard that they had raki, the traditional Turkish liquor. It is a clear drink that turns a milky white when water is added. It was, by and large, pretty awful. With a strong taste and smell of liquorice, it was all I could do to finish mine. Luckily we had an Efes (the Turkish national beer) to cut the taste a bit.
(Photo credit: Katie Riley)

After that is was time to try another Turkish tradition, the hookah. With some apple flavored tobacco, it was a nice change from the nostril flaring, throat burning raki.
(Photo Credit: Katie Riley)

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