Istanbul: Day 1

We set off from Atlanta yesterday afternoon, bright eyed and ready. It was my first time in the new terminal.  It was nice enough. Seems to still have that new car smell. With some time to kill we stopped into the Jekyll Island resturant, which, oddly enough, looks nothing like the real Jekyll.


After nearly 14 or 15 hours of traveling (I watched some largely forgettable movies) we arrived in Istanbul. The descent into the city was breathtaking and an amazing view of the sprawling city.

Once to our hotel we went for a walk around the old town before dinner. It was on this walk that we got our first real taste of Turkey. As we were walking we heard the evening call to prayer. It was really neat and there seemed to be a sort of call and response between several mosques. We were between the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque when I took this video:

Very shortly we will hop on a plane to the Cappadocia region known for the interesting rock formations, horses, and underground churches. Until next time!

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