A Resurgence of the Ultimate Penultimate

The Guide and I into that hidden road
Now entered, to return to the bright world;
And without care of having any rest
We mounted up, he first and I the second,
Till I beheld through a round aperture
Some of the beauteous things that Heaven doth bear;
Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.

–Dante’s Inferno, Canto XXXIV

It is with great excitement that I return to The Ultimate Penultimate after an extended absence. While the overall tone of the site will remain the same, I hope to introduce some new topics and ideas. One such new addition will be the Ultimate Penultimate Guide to Beer where you will find a bevy of various beverages of the beer variety.  Further, I’m planning on building in photography and video elements that will chronicle life from the everyday to exciting major events. The overall hope is to capture through words or images something of an essence that we can all relate to. So, stay tuned for some exciting new developments!

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